Giant Fanatic holder en pause

Vi har besluttet at Giant Fanatic holder pause på ubestemt tid.
Gejsten er der ikke længere, og uden den er der desværre mange af opgaverne der bliver for sure og ærgrelige at skulle udføre.

Det har ikke været nogen nem eller sjov beslutning, men vi er enige om det.
Det har været fem gode år, hvor vi gerne vil takke for alt den opbakning vi har mødt i miljøet, det er den der har gjort sliddet værd i løbet af årene.

Det er helt sikkert ikke det sidste vi regner med I kommer til at se til Team GF, men lige i første omgang er der brug for en pause.
Hvad der kommer herefter aner vi heller ikke selv.

Hvis I har nogen spørgsmål skal I ikke tøve med at skrive, så gør vi vores bedste for at svare.

Tak for denne gang
Team GF

Giant Fanatic 15 Newsletter – July

Hi everyone.

Finally all the rules for Giant Fanatic 15 are up on our webpage! This year there will be a total of nine different tournaments for you to choose from throughout the weekend! More over three of them are for Friday only, which allows you to participate in more than one tournament at GF15 if it pleases you!
If you have any questions regarding their details, please refer to the uploaded documents, and secondarily the respective Q&As (see below!).

Even though the rules are already uploaded, the registration doesn’t start till 1st of August at roughly 00:01. Last year the WH40K & WHFB tournaments both sold out in less than 15 hours, and we expect much the same to happen this year, so better be quick with your registration! If you want to prepare it, it can be a good idea to check your account on, just to be sure you haven’t forgotten the password, or changed an email address since last year. If you are new to GF, it is a good idea to register your account a few days in advance to avoid mishaps. Finally, remember to check that you are registered on the participant list after signing up, if you want to be absolutely sure you didn’t do something wrong along the way!

It is important for us to remind you all that there are no refunds provided if you regret buying your tickets. You are obviously very welcome to pass your ticket on to another interested participant, but unless the event you paid for is cancelled you cannot get a refund from us!

Currently we are struggling with our Paypal account, due to a change in EU regulation and their need for a VAT (moms) certificate. As we are not VAT certified this might cause some issues, and thus Paypal might not be available. For some years now we have offered the option to pay through eWire instead, and they do accept all the major credit cards. Only exception is that you will have to create a personal eWire account, if we do not get the Paypal issue sorted.

If you have any questions for the events, please use the Q&A function on ! We will have a forum for the event on, but it isn’t where we will be answering the questions, so please respect this request! None the less please bear in mind that even if the registration starts on the 1st of August, several of us are still on holiday, hence answers might take a little while in arriving.

Finally, it is worth repeating that we are all really psyched to get all this online and get the registration started! More over we are looking forward to seeing you all for a great weekend, when October comes!

Beyond that all there is left to say is that we’re looking forward to seeing you, come October!

Cheers from
Team GF

How to use

How to registrer as a user?

  • Click on the "Register " link in the top right corner.
  • Fill in the required information.
  • Now Login.
  • After login you will be redirected to your profile page. Click "Giant Fanatic" in the top left cornor to get to the main page.

After registration you will recieve a e-mail confirmation. In here there is a password. This is not the correct password. The corret password is the one you you just have entered.

How to sign up for a Tournament?

  • In order to sign up for a Giant Fanatic tournament you need to be a registreted user at
  • Login with your user (Remember that you can use your e-mail as username).
  • Click on the "Giant Fanatic 15" menu.
  • Click on the menu "Tournaments at GF15". You can new se a list of all tournaments
  • Click "Sign up" under get game system
  • Choose Game System (again).
  • Enter required information (You can edit army, Team, Phone Number etc after registration).
  • After registration you have 10 days to pay.

How and when to Pay for a tournament?

After registration for a tournament you have 10 days to pay.
If you do not pay we will cancel your registration.

  • Login with your user (Remember that you can use your e-mail as username).
  • Click on the "Giant Fanatic 15" menu.
  • Click on the "Tournaments at GF15", or click the "Participant List" menu
  • Press "Edit Info".
  • You can now se the tournaments you have signed up for. Click "Edit & Payment"
  • Click "Go to Payment".
  • Choose to pay through PayPal or E-Wire (You dont need an account at PayPal to use PayPal to pay with. If you want to pay with Dankort (not Dankort/Visa) you need to use E.wire and have an account there). You can click at the logos to read more about this.
  • Pay through the payment service and you will recieve a confirmation mail.
  • Your payment is sent to us and we manually have to mark that we have recieved your payment, so please be a little patient.

How can I change/edit my registrations info for a tournament

  • Login with your user (Remember that you can use your e-mail as username).
  • Click on the "Giant Fanatic 15" menu.
  • Click on the "Tournaments at GF15", or click the "Participant List" menu
  • Press "Edit Info".
  • You can now se the tournaments you have signed up for. Click "Edit & Payment"
  • You can now edit your registrations info.

How to create/be a member of a team?

  • Once you have paid you can be a menber of a team
  • There are two ways to become a member of a team.
    • 1st: A Team Admin can add you to a Team. He is also the only one that can exclude you from the team.
    • 2nd: Become a Team Admin. If you have paid (and is not a member of a team already) you can create a team on your tournament Info page. After creating a team you are now a Team Admin, and you can add and delete team members to this team.
  • Round up: So decide who will be your Team Admin. After that the Team Admin will then create and maintain the team. The rest of the Team Members do not have to do anything than make sure that they have paid so they can be a member of a team
  • All this is done in the same place where you edit and maintain all other tournament info. See other FAQ how to get there.

How to Cancel a reservation

If you have signed up for a tournament, but want to cancel the reservation you can easily do this.

  • Login with your user (Remember that you can use your e-mail as username).
  • Click on the "Giant Fanatic 15" menu.
  • Click on the "Tournaments at GF15", or click the "Participant List" menu
  • Press "Edit Info".
  • You can now see the tournaments you have signed up for. Click "Cancel"

If you you have paid for the tournament Giant Fanatic will not refund the payment.
Instead you can give your ticket away or sell it to somebody else.

Can I give/sell my ticket to another person.

If you have for a ticket you can give/sell this to another person.
If you want to sell you the money issue it is for you and the other person to sort out. Giant Fanatic will not be a part of a money transaction.

Once you have a agreement with another person you can now transfer your reservation to that person.
First thing to do is to agree upon a "transfer" password. Once you have done this follow the below instructions.


  • You need to be a registered user at (see other FAQ if you are not).
  • In the field ”Buy Ticket Password” enter the agreed "transfer" password. Press save.
  • Tell the Seller that you have entered the password.


  • Login to (Remember that you can use your e-mail as username).
  • Click on the "Giant Fanatic 15" menu.
  • Click on the "Tournaments at GF15", or click the "Participant List" menu
  • Press "Edit Info".
  • You can now see the tournaments you have signed up for. Click "Edit Info"
  • Click "Sell Ticket" (even if you just want give it away)
  • Click "Sell Ticket" (even if you just want give it away)
  • Type ind the agreed "transfer" password and press "Find Player"
  • Click "Choose Player". Your registration/ticket will now be transfered to this player
  • Tell the "Buyer" that you have transferred the registration.

Where can I see and ask question about a tournament?

  • Press the menu "Giant Fanatic 15".
  • Press the menu "FAQ".
  • From the list of Tournaments pick the relevant one.
  • At the bottom there is a form you can fill out and send in your question.
  • We will try to answer your question as fast as possilne.
  • The answer will be publish on the FAQ page and a E-mail will be send to you with the answer.
  • Below is a link to all the FAQ's for the different tournaments at Giant Fanatic 15.

Giant Fanatic 15 Newsletter – June

This years Giant Fanatic is taking it’s form.
In order to get all this new exciting information out in time most of the information in this newsletter will be in Danish.

Vanen tro åbner vores tilmelding d. 1. august kl. 00.01 (måske et par minutter før). Tilmeldingen foregår via vores hjemmeside ( hvor man skal have en profil. Profilen kan dog oprettes i forvejen.

Sidste år endte faktisk med et lille underskud da alle regninger var betalt, og da det ikke er noget vi vil risikere sker igen er der nogen justeringer af prisen hist og her. Der kan forekomme ændringer af disse tal inden tilmeldingen, indtil videre er de bare vejledende!

  • WH40K (lør-søn): 350kr
  • WHFB (lør-søn): 350kr
  • Blood Bowl(lør-søn): 150kr (+50kr for ikke NAF medlemmer)
  • Flames of War (lør-søn): 200kr
  • Flames of War – En fredag ved fronten (fredag): 50kr
  • Malifaux (lør-søn): 200kr
  • Malifaux – Survival of the Wickedest (fredag): 50kr
  • Epic:A: Info følger.
  • [Mental]-Fodbold (fredag): 50kr
  • Wicked Workshop: Info følger.

Figurspilsforeningen Giant Fanatic
For at vi i fremtiden lettere kan søge om penge til at gøre arrangementet endnu federe, arbejder vi på at alle deltagerne også automatisk bliver støttemedlem af foreningen. Det kommer næsten ikke til at påvirke nogen af jer direkte, da jeres medlemskontingent allerede er inkluderet i billetprisen. Det eneste der er ændret er at I skal udfylde jeres profil på ny med adresse osv., så vi har den nødvendige information til myndighederne. Udfylder man ikke med den rigtige info kan man ikke købe biletter, og udfylder man med falsk information gør man det bare sværere for os at søge om støtte. I bliver ikke spammet med emails fra os af den grund. Vi lover at der kommer en endelig konfirmation, når vi ved mere og det vil også stå tydeligt når man tilmelder sig.

Restriktionerne til dette års GF er meget inspireret af sidste års regler, der dog er forsøgt simplificeret yderligere og strammet op enkelte steder. Malereglerne tager ligeledes udgangspunkt i sidste års system. Dette gælder både WH40K og WHFB, men i WH40K afventes der en ny edition, hvorfor der tages forbehold for det uvisse.

Vi prøver dog et spritnyt pointsystem i år. I vil stadig spille kampe efter 20-0 systemet, og Swiss draw vil afgøre hvem I spiller mod. På den måde vil det minde om hvordan det har foregået de sidste mange år, men… Når vi skal udregne din samlede battle points score, så lægger vi ikke bare dine points sammen fra alle dine kampe. I stedet for så tager vi din egen gennemsnitsscore per kamp, og lægger den sammen med alle dine modstanderes gennemsnitsscore, med den lille undtagelse at din egen score tæller med to gange. Oveni dette lægger vi så fairplay, maling og quiz, som sædvanligt. Når turneringspakken kommer, vil der naturligvis være en uddybende forklaring!

Kom og få din største Malifaux oplevelse nogensinde! Spil som en besat om fredagen med formatet “Survival of the Wickedest” eller kom med til weekendsturneringen der kører lørdag og søndag. Alt dette foregår på lækkert Malifaux tematiseret terræn!

Flames of War
I år byder vi på to Flames of War events. Vi lægger ud med En fredag ved fronten, en slags multiplayer spil. Lørdag og søndag er i den store turnerings tegn, som nævnt i sidste nyhedsbrev.

En fredag ved fronten
Multiplayer event. Vi spiller på et sammenhængende langt bord, I princippet spiller man kun mod ham lige over for, men man må frit bevæge sig ind på nabobordene hvis det kunne være fordelagtigt. Efter behov kan man også skyde efter nabofjenden.
Akserne stiller op på den ene side af bordene og de allierede på den anden. Det gælder selvfølgelig om at vinde sin egen kamp, men sejrherren er den side, som vinder mest.
Vi spiller stadig Mid War, men blot med 1000point per spiller.

Er du ny udi FoW eller bare nysgerrig, vil du ligeledes have mulighed for at prøve kræfter med det i løbet af fredagen.

Blood Bowl
Copenhagen Bloodbowl Association afholder for tredje gang Mermaid Bloodbowl Cup, ved Giant Fanatic!
Denne gang med en lille ændring af regler tilsat et twist! Dette år vil også byde på endnu en “Mermaid” turn-marker, til vinderen (Der er kun støbt 10!), og der vil være bonus overraskelse ved hver runde. Året 2012 bød også på en Dansk vinder af NAF CHAMPIONSHIP. Han spiller med, så kom og se om du kan slå ham!

Info følger.

This year at Giant Fanatic 15 a new tournament is introduced. It is the game of [Mental]-Football (aka Soccer to out American friends), and it uses the otherwise quiet Friday evening to its fullest running Group Play, Quarter Finals and Semi Finals. The Grand Final will be held in the large dinner break on the Saturday. All rules will be available for free on the Giant Fanatic web page.

Wicked Workshop
Vi vil arrangere en hobbybegivenhed på linie med de øvrige turneringer, hvor formålet med weekenden er at blive bedre til at male/ bygge/ konvertere/ og alt hvad der ellers hører sig til hobbysiden af vores hobby. Målet er at højne niveauet hos den individuelle deltager, så de føler de går hjem søndag med mange nye ideer og erfaringer. Udgangspunktet for arrangementet er at lære at skabe figurer der med succes kunne deltage i malekonkurrencer som f.eks. Golden Demon.

Beyond that all there is left to say is that we’re looking forward to seeing you, come October!

Cheers from
Team GF

Giant Fanatic 15 News

Hi everyone!

The preparations for Giant Fanatic 15 are well under way! The tournament will run its course on the weekend of the 5-7th of October, in its traditional settings in Copenhagen.

A broad team has been gathered to cater to your tastes and we expect to present you with the following tournaments!

Warhammer Fantasy
100 spots, 5 games, Saturday-Sunday

Warhammer 40.000
50 spots, 5 games, Saturday-Sunday

Blood Bowl
Final format to be decided. More info will follow.

Epic Armageddon
Final format to be decided. More info will follow.

Flames of War
15 axis and 15 ally spots, 5 games, Saturday-Sunday
Mid War, 1.600 points
Unfortunately Avalon that has served us so well for many years has stepped down as organizers of the FoW tournament, but thankfully 2MD has stepped up to grab the mantle, and put their own spin on how to organize a weekend!

12 spots, Saturday and Sunday. Maybe a small event Friday.

32 spots, 3-6 games, Friday afternoon and evening.

Anything else?
If you have an idea for an event you are passionate about, then please contact us with the idea! It can be almost anything miniature related, and doesn’t have to be two day events. If you just want to do something for one afternon, that is also ok. Ask us!

Beyond that all there is left to say is that we’re looking forward to seeing you, come October!

Cheers from
Team GF

Giant Fanatic 14 is over

Hi there everyone!

From the team behind Giant Fanatic 14 we would like to send out a big thank you to all the participants that came and made it such a great weekend! We hope to see you again next year for GF15 on the weekend 2nd-4th of October.

There has been a lot of feedback and we have attempted to address it here, though unfortunately only in Danish:

Cheers from
Team GF

WHFB & WH40K Final Standings – Online Results are up

The final results for Warhammer 40.000 and Warhammer Fantasy are up.

See more under GF14 – Live Score.