Final notice ;)

Hello all.

3 days to go before the doors open. We are almost set to go. Both the fantasy and the 40K tournament is sold out, and people on the waiting list has been offered a seat. If you haven’t received an offer, and really really want to participate, please feel free to contact Christian through the contact menu on this page, and he will see what he can do.

Tickets that is ordered from this date, needs to be payed upfront in the check-in, since the processing of ticket ordering can’t be completed before the tournament.

The following tickets is still for sale:

2 tickets for X-wing

2 tickets for Infinity

1 ticket for Epic Armageddon

1 ticket for FoW Axis

6 tickets for BloodBowl

Remember, all sales from today goes through Christian Apetri


We are very excited and are looking forward to welcome you all to a awesome Giant Fanatic event.