Almost there…

Hi everyone!

The preparations for Giant Fanatic 16 are well under way! The tournament will run its course on the weekend of the 3-5th of October, in its traditional settings in Copenhagen.

A broad team has been gathered to cater to your tastes and we present you with the following tournaments!

Warhammer Fantasy
100 spots, 5 games, Saturday-Sunday

Warhammer 40.000
50 spots, 5 games, Saturday-Sunday

Blood Bowl
26 spots 

Epic Armageddon
8 spot

Flames of War
26 spots

10 spots 

30 spots

All details about the different gaming systems, will be revealed at the 1st of august.

There will also be small workshops at Remisen this year, supplied by Rogue Trader and Team Zkotte. As always Fanatic Roskilde/Copenhagen will have their shop at the venue, where you can supply yourself with some new toy soldiers, tape measures and so on.

We expect to have the full tourney pack ready 1st of august.

Ticket sales will go online at the 1st of august, at 00.00 at Former years have shown us, that time might pass midnight before it is activated, so please be patient! We will do our best to go online right on time. 

To participate, you have to buy a ticket through the links on the homepage. You will be asked to fill a form with contact informations. 

Again we ask for your patience, since we are a new team with different experiences than the previous team, we may make your Giant Fanatic experience differ from previous. We will attempt to fullfill the role as organizers, but a giant wears very big shoes 😀

Beyond that all there is left to say is that we’re looking forward to seeing you, come October!

Cheers from
Team GF