Giant Fanatic 16 – Come October

It´s with great honor we can announce that Giant Fanatic has been resurrected!

With Easter being the time for resurrections, we found it appropriate to announce what we have known for a couple of months! That Giant Fanatic is once again back on its feet. A legend truly never dies.

Everything is set with Remisen and we have made an ongoing contract with our contact that lends Remisen out. This means that we can, once again, give you Giant Fanatic the first weekend of October, starting this year! And hopefully for many years to come.

So for the time being, mark the weekend 3rd-5th October 2014 in your calendars, and stay tuned for more news as we progress in our effort to give you, what will hopefully be a great social and gaming experience, that tastes, smells and feels like the Giant Fanatic, that has given people so many great experiences throughout the years.

We have one very humble goal for our first year as organizers….we just want to make sure we don’t mess it all up and from that point we hope to evolve Giant Fanatic even further.

The restrictions for the different gaming systems will go online the 1st of August 2014, and our job from this point is to get in contact with our intended coorporation partners for the different gaming systems and make a great Giant Fanatic for you.

We HOPE to bring you the following game systems at Giant Fanatic

* Warhammer Fantasy
* Warhammer 40k
* Flames of war
* Blood Bowl
* Malifaux
* Epic
* X-Wing
* Warhammer Fantasy (Youngbloods)

We will make an announcement when everything is settled.

On a final note, a huge thanks to the Team Giant Fanatic that we are succeeding! These guys have been a great help in establishing this resurrection of Giant Fanatic. We will take good care of your baby 🙂

Best regards, the new Team Giant Fanatic.
Thomas Kragh, Miguel Brøndal Nielsen, Daniel Steinaa & Christian Apetri

3 comments on “Giant Fanatic 16 – Come October
  1. Templar says:

    Ihhh hvor er det dejligt at i har genoplivet giant fanatic ! Tusinde tak !!

  2. Jimmi Stender says:

    Fantastisk nyhed! Velkommen tilbage 🙂

  3. Holm123 Holm123 says: