Giant Fanatic 14 – Newsletter

This is the final newsletter before GF14. Players participating in the event should read it carefully. Those who are not able to participate still has the chance to follow the action. During the event, keep an eye out for the live updates on our website.

It’s getting close now and we are moving to the final preparations to Giant Fanatic 14. As we are getting the final tasks settled, we have a favour to ask you players. We know we have been saying this a few time (but we promise that this will be the last), remember to update your accounts on our website with all the necessary details regarding your player information (Phone number, Army and such). We know that many of you have already done so, but if you haven’t, be sure to get it done. It makes everything easier for us and enables us to use our SMS-service during the event.

As written in the tournament pack, we are trying something brand new with the quiz. The quiz contains background questions, rules questions and random questions from GFs past. It consists of 14 questions and each question will, if answered correctly, award 1 TP, for a maximum score of 14 TPs.

The quiz starts right after game 1 on Saturday at 12:30, and then you have 8 HOURS total to finish it. It is multiple choice quiz where you can use all the aids you want to, including talking to each other. Therefore we also intend to add some really difficult questions!
If you are too late to hand in, or if you forget to write your name and ticket number on the sheet, you will be awarded 0 Tps.

Lead Tables
Additionaly, Sune Rasmussen (aka Tulzifar) has been building two lead tables, one for Warhammer 40k and one for Warhammer Fantasy. These tables will be used by the lead players each round and will feature some cool custom made terrain.

Army Trays
The previous years army trays have been in huge demand. Once again players will be able to borrow army trays by paying a deposit. You will also be able to purchase dice with the GF logo, but there is a limited amount so be fast if you want to grab some.

Warhammer 40.000:
Last year we had to rent terrain to be able to host the event. This year we have spent a lot of time and effort building and buying new terrain for Warhammer 40k. We hope you will enjoy playing on the new tables, we have enjoyed building them.
This year we have had some difficulties with late Q&A´s. We sincerely apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused and we will look forward to find a solution so that it does not happen next year. The work on this has already started! For the current Q&A we are working hard to get the final few questions answered by Thursday the latest!
There is a new updated Mission Pack for Warhammer 40k, so make sure to go to the website see if you have seen the latest Mission Pack.

Warhammer Fantasy:
The last Q&A has gone up. There will not be answered more questions so make sure to check the last updates to the Q&As on the website.

Beyond that all there is left to say is that we’re looking forward to seeing you, come October!

Cheers from
Team GF


Jeg har spillet warhammer Fantasy Battle siden starten af 90'erne. Jeg Startede med 3ed. og min første hær var Orcs & Goblins. Ellers har jeg spillet bloodbowl, men ikke så mange af de andre GW spil. Min første turnering Fanatic i 1993, hvor jeg vandt for bedst malede hær. Jeg har været med til at arrangere den første Giant Fanatic lige fra den første Giant Fanatic 1999, og har med undtagelse af en enkelt misser, været en af hovedarrangørene af Giant Fanatic i alle årene Udover Giant Fanatic har jeg har været med til at arrangere et væld af andre turneringer og deltaget i mange turneringer, både i Danmark men også i udlandet. Der er ingen tvivl om at kærligheden til denne hobby er fler dimentionel. For mig er det vigtigste dog det sociale, malingen, historien og så selve spillet.