Giant Fanatic 17 – October 2015

This years (2015) tournament is being organized in an old fashioned way through the community site


see you there.




The GF team

Final notice ;)

Hello all.

3 days to go before the doors open. We are almost set to go. Both the fantasy and the 40K tournament is sold out, and people on the waiting list has been offered a seat. If you haven’t received an offer, and really really want to participate, please feel free to contact Christian through the contact menu on this page, and he will see what he can do.

Tickets that is ordered from this date, needs to be payed upfront in the check-in, since the processing of ticket ordering can’t be completed before the tournament.

The following tickets is still for sale:

2 tickets for X-wing

2 tickets for Infinity

1 ticket for Epic Armageddon

1 ticket for FoW Axis

6 tickets for BloodBowl

Remember, all sales from today goes through Christian Apetri


We are very excited and are looking forward to welcome you all to a awesome Giant Fanatic event.

Changes in Fantasy Restrictions

We have just updated the Warhammer Fantasy restrictions a bit.

See Tournaments > Warhammer Fantasy (GF16) > Restrictions PDF 1.4

Quick summery:

Dispel scroll – 1CP

Some important changes regarding flyers and monsters

Minor tweaks to most armies.


The final spurt

Dear participants and followers

It’s the 3rd of September, and there is a month until the Giant Fanatic event.  This means, for us a organizers, that the final spurt has started. The Giant Fanatic event is an event with many expectations from many different people in the tabletop gaming community. We are working to meet them all, but we are constantly challenged by the needs and amount of organizational infrastructure.  We are not new to the role as organizers, we just need to learn to cooperate our differences into a very cultural framed project as the Giant Fanatic event is. But heed no worries, because the tournament is getting closer, it will be a awesome experience and we are just as existed as you are.

Q & A’s

The Q&A system integrated in the Giant Fanatic homepage is up and running. All of the tournament affiliate organizers should have access to directly answer all of the participants questions. As all Q&As, it will work best if, you as a participant, checks the previously asked questions before you post your own. All Q&As will close the 29th of September at 18.00 hours.


Your tickets are, as I write, just returned from the press. They will be (snail)mailed during the upcoming week. If you haven’t received your ticket at the 20th of September, you are welcome to contact Miguel through the Giant Fanatic homepage.

The ticket system has been a real challenge. This is our first event at this scale, and the need of an automated digital system is very serious issue. The pressure from the participants on this part of the event had caught us off guard. This year, the system was part automated, and hence the bottleneck in our processing. No worries, all orders will be processed, it just takes time. Next year we will be better prepared.

Warhammer Fantasy extra events

As the Danish tradition dictates, we are now opening up for grudging and the team tournament. Since we are not able to (due to lack of wordpress programming skills) implement these kinds of systems on our homepage yet, we are using the Danish community’s online forum for grudging matches and for signing up teams for the teamtournament. You will find the online forum here:

The toilet situation

Everyone that has previously attended to a Giant Fanatic event knows how long the queue to the toilets has been. The venue simply doesn’t have the toilet facilities at the primetime for several hundred soda filled gamers. We have there fore rented a festival urinal which will be set outside next to the venue.

Economic surplus

Our budget expects a little surplus. We do not, at this point, know exactly how big. The overall surplus on the budget will be added to evolving the tournament further, but it is our intention to use some of the surplus to establish a fund for the tabletop community. The fund will primarily support national teams participating in the international competitive environment. It’s our hope, that this gesture will ignite several more initiatives to support our national teams. More on this after the Giant Fanatic event.

Contacting us

If you have any  questions or concerns regarding this project, you are welcome to contact us through our homepage. It is important you direct all communications though the right channels, and not to our affiliates.


This event is entirely arranged by volunteers. It’s an awesome team, and a great way to “give” something back to the community. During this weekend, we are in need of voluntary muscle force and therefore calling all interested to the banners. If you want to help, do not hesitate to write a mail to Miguel. There will be a meeting for all volunteers the 29th of September at 19.00 hours in Skovlunde.

The adress is; Rollespilsforeningen Dragonfactory, Gl. Skovlundevej 1, 2740 Skovlunde

Affiliate meeting

Many of the events is organized by affiliates. We are convening to a affiliate meeting the 30th of September at 18.00 Hours at the Fanatic store on Østerbro. You will be convened on you mail as well. Well met.

Almost there…

Hi everyone!

The preparations for Giant Fanatic 16 are well under way! The tournament will run its course on the weekend of the 3-5th of October, in its traditional settings in Copenhagen.

A broad team has been gathered to cater to your tastes and we present you with the following tournaments!

Warhammer Fantasy
100 spots, 5 games, Saturday-Sunday

Warhammer 40.000
50 spots, 5 games, Saturday-Sunday

Blood Bowl
26 spots 

Epic Armageddon
8 spot

Flames of War
26 spots

10 spots 

30 spots

All details about the different gaming systems, will be revealed at the 1st of august.

There will also be small workshops at Remisen this year, supplied by Rogue Trader and Team Zkotte. As always Fanatic Roskilde/Copenhagen will have their shop at the venue, where you can supply yourself with some new toy soldiers, tape measures and so on.

We expect to have the full tourney pack ready 1st of august.

Ticket sales will go online at the 1st of august, at 00.00 at Former years have shown us, that time might pass midnight before it is activated, so please be patient! We will do our best to go online right on time. 

To participate, you have to buy a ticket through the links on the homepage. You will be asked to fill a form with contact informations. 

Again we ask for your patience, since we are a new team with different experiences than the previous team, we may make your Giant Fanatic experience differ from previous. We will attempt to fullfill the role as organizers, but a giant wears very big shoes :D

Beyond that all there is left to say is that we’re looking forward to seeing you, come October!

Cheers from
Team GF

Giant Fanatic 16 – Come October

It´s with great honor we can announce that Giant Fanatic has been resurrected!

With Easter being the time for resurrections, we found it appropriate to announce what we have known for a couple of months! That Giant Fanatic is once again back on its feet. A legend truly never dies.

Everything is set with Remisen and we have made an ongoing contract with our contact that lends Remisen out. This means that we can, once again, give you Giant Fanatic the first weekend of October, starting this year! And hopefully for many years to come.

So for the time being, mark the weekend 3rd-5th October 2014 in your calendars, and stay tuned for more news as we progress in our effort to give you, what will hopefully be a great social and gaming experience, that tastes, smells and feels like the Giant Fanatic, that has given people so many great experiences throughout the years.

We have one very humble goal for our first year as organizers….we just want to make sure we don’t mess it all up and from that point we hope to evolve Giant Fanatic even further.

The restrictions for the different gaming systems will go online the 1st of August 2014, and our job from this point is to get in contact with our intended coorporation partners for the different gaming systems and make a great Giant Fanatic for you.

We HOPE to bring you the following game systems at Giant Fanatic

* Warhammer Fantasy
* Warhammer 40k
* Flames of war
* Blood Bowl
* Malifaux
* Epic
* X-Wing
* Warhammer Fantasy (Youngbloods)

We will make an announcement when everything is settled.

On a final note, a huge thanks to the Team Giant Fanatic that we are succeeding! These guys have been a great help in establishing this resurrection of Giant Fanatic. We will take good care of your baby :-)

Best regards, the new Team Giant Fanatic.
Thomas Kragh, Miguel Brøndal Nielsen, Daniel Steinaa & Christian Apetri